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m8 series

A combination of the Multidrive Horizontal Ejector System (MHE) and the Multidrive Driveline system give the M8 Series the ultimate edge in terms of capacity and performance. The Multidrive Driveline System provides superb traction and manoeuvrability and the MHE affords the most effective means of material discharge.

Multidrive Horizontal Ejector System - Martin Taylor

true all-wheel drive

The name Multidrive is derived from the Drive-Line Technology System designed to drive and steer the trailer tandem of an articulated vehicle.


Drive to the rear trailer tandem bogie is taken from a ‘through-drive’ axle on the rear of the tractor unit,  providing permanent all wheel drive to the trailer. The steering action of the tractor unit is transmitted to the trailer bogie through the drive shaft support system, pivoting the bogie on its turntable mounting. This action maintains the constant velocity drive-line and enables the trailer to track closely with the tractor.

Multidrive Horizontal Ejector System - Martin Taylor

Faster, safer, robust

With its broad material appetite, rapid spreading and heaping ability, the Multidrive Horizontal Ejector system is an innovative non-tip, bulk load discharge solution. It can discharge a full load in just 15 seconds when either stationary, on the move, going forward or in reverse.

Tippers overturning on construction sites, is an ever-present danger. Safety at work, dictates that this danger must be eliminated, MHE achieves this.

The robust high tensile steel body and mining quality belt system ensure longevity of operational duty.

Multidrive Horizontal Ejector System - Martin Taylor

a range of applications

The M8 log truck is designed to effectively and efficiently move a wide variety of timber, from short billets to 16 metre tree trunks, over medium to long haul distances. Based on the unique Multidrive articulated drive line system it is available in 8×8 or 8×6 wheel drive configurations. The M8 Series is a high-speed multi-role hauler, capable of carrying high volume loads across some of the world’s most arduous forest haul routes.

With 70% gradability, a 17 metre turning circle with virtually no trailer cut-in, this natural narrow-aisle steerability, combined with driven and steered rear trailer axles, ensures that traction is maintained and steep, continuous twisting and winding routes are negotiated with ease.  The positive forward push from the trailer through the forward pivot point provides a downward pressure on the front steer axle to maintain front wheel ground contact and steering control.

Multidrive Horizontal Ejector System - Martin Taylor

proven in use

Successful in both the UK and South Africa, the M8-40 continues to prove itself formidable in terms of its efficiency and performance, in both open cast mining applications and discard operations for deep underground mines. 

With its tight turning circle, 46% gradability and excellent traction and manoeuvrability, the M8-40 is also faster than equivalent ADT’s and rigid dump trucks. Combine the M8-40 with the Multidrive Horizontal Ejector (MHE) and you have a vehicle that can outperform the competition.

The M8-40 has been proven to significantly increase productivity, reduce operating costs and deliver maximum traction, on the most difficult of terrains. Combine this with no danger of driving away with the body raised, and the M8-40 and MHE are unbeatable in speed, efficiency and safety.

Multidrive Horizontal Ejector System - Martin Taylor