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Flexible Frame FF88

The Multidrive Flex Frame is a unique system that allows drive between a rigid truck and trailer. Drive to the rear tractor axle tandem passes through the Flax Frame joint.  This system can be applied to 8×8, 8×10 and 10×10 drive configurations. The system confers superior performance to any rigid or articulated all-wheel drive vehicle.  It allows for lighter construction than rigid configurations.

Multidrive Horizontal Ejector System - Martin Taylor

Agility & Traction

The Flex-Frame coupling system delivers drive from the rear tractor through-drive axle to the leading tandem trailer axle. When compared to a rigid vehicle of similar proportions this system dramatically improves mobility, manoeuvrability and agility. Unlimited oscillation between tractor and trailer, improves wheel to ground contact, enhancing traction. The spread of tractive forces combined with a small turning circle and virtually unlimited wheel movement enables the vehicle to flow over the ground rather than cut through it, resulting in a superior terrainability and lower fuel and tyre consumption.

Multidrive Horizontal Ejector System - Martin Taylor


Vehicles equipped with the Flex Frame system are subjected to lower stresses either torsional or longitudinal, than a rigid or articulated vehicle of the same payload.  The flex-frame coupling comprises a rotating bearing arrangement, derived from the construction range of articulated dump trucks and excavators, so is well proven in arduous conditions.

Multidrive Horizontal Ejector System - Martin Taylor


Flex-Frame can be adapted to a wide range of vehicles to suit a multitude of applications including:

GS Cargo,

Fuel Tankers

Water Tankers

Troop Carriers

Pallet loading systems.