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Automate industrial trailer

If you have a question that you require answering, then check out our Automate Indsutrial Trailer frequently asked questions below. If you are unable to find the answer you are looking for here, then contact our team. We will be happy to assist you with your enquiry.

What is the maximum lift capacity?

The standard AutoMate ranges from 9 to 20 Tonne, however, bespoke units are available. Bespoke units with a carrying capacity of up to 60 tonne could be possible.

What body length and widths are available?

Anything within reason to suit the requirement

What is the minimum height of the platform?

Low profile units have a lowered height of 263mm. (for 9 to 15 tonne units)

Standard profile units have a lowered height of 457mm ( for 10 to 20 Tonne Units)

What is the maximum lifted height?

Low profile units will lift to a height of 602mm

Standard profile units will lift to a height of 1086mm

What inclination angles is the ball joint capable of?

Approximately 30 Degrees.

Can the load be secured to the AutoMate?

 Yes. Lashing points are provided and bespoke fixtures can be provided to suit individual loads.

Does the forklift truck require any alteration to operate with Auto-Mate?

The only requirement is to be of a compatible size. For standard AutoMates of 9 to 20 Tonne a 3 to 5 tonne lift capacity is required equipped with an auxiliary hydraulic spool valve and piping to quick release hydraulic couplings at the mast.

Does using an AutoMate have a negative effect on a forklift Truck?

No, the hydraulics of the AutoMate works at standard forklift hydraulic pressures (Circa 180 Bar)– The weight imposed on the fork lift mast is within the forklift stated capacity.  The force to move the load on level ground is well within the scope of most trucks.  Forklift are designed for a gradeability of approx. 30% fully laden.  The force required (taking up the inertia / rolling resistance) of say a 20 tonne load on a flat surface will be in the region of 407 Kg force, a fraction of the force necessary for a solo truck fully laden to ascent a 30% slope.  AutoMates have been in continual service at major multi-national businesses for over 30 years without any reports of fork lift malfunction as a result of AutoMate operation.

What are the maintenance requirements?

Weekly greasing and six-monthly periodic test and inspection.

How long do the tyres last?

Depending upon the load carrying capacity required and surface of operation tyres are specified of either rubber or polyurethane construction – both are long lasting and wear rate is subject to usage

Are Non-marking tyres available?


Is the AutoMate tested to LOLER (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations)?

Yes a dynamic test at 10% overload and static of 25%.

Where are AutoMates in operation?

Caterpillar Corp have been operating the system for 40 years. Companies such as the Huntsman Corporation (Now Venator Corporation), the Global Chemical company, have had AutoMate for 20 years.  Systems have also been sold to South Africa.