MHE Demonstration Receives High Praise

The weather at the venue for the Multidrive Horizontal Ejector System (MHE) kit may have been wet and windy but praise was high from the people who attended the demonstration.  The event gave a practical demonstration of our MHE kit in operation, showing the MHE kit fitted to a Freuhauf body discharging a variety of different materials.  There was also the opportunity to understand more of the technical aspects from Hanson franchisee Martin Taylor.  It seemed everyone wanted to know the answers to specific questions and both Multidrive staff and Martin were kept busy answering them.

The attendees included representatives from some of the main players in the Construction industry, and their positive feedback covered different aspects: some were talking about the impressive performance of the MHE kit, seeing a discharge time of well under a minute for all materials, others were saying that the Health & Safety features had raised the bar for safety expectations, particularly where the MHE kit could replace the discharge of asphalt and aggregate where vertical tipping restrictions are concerned.  The event was held in response to a growing demand from potential users to see the MHE kit in action.

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