21 Years Of Active Service

A Heavy duty, low profile Auto-Mate has been greatly enhancing the efficiency and convenience of handling heavy chemical plant at Venator’s Tioxide’s Greatham Works on Teeside for the past 20 years.

Venator Greatham manufacture titanium dioxide, used as ingredients in thousands of everyday items such as coatings, clothing, cars, plastics, cosmetics, paper, pharmaceuticals and building materials.

The Auto-Mate, which handles loads up to 15 tonne in weight and five metres in length, easily manoeuvres equipment around the facilities of the 100 acre site. All that is required is the Auto-mate a standard forklift and just the one driver. Loads are moved safely, easily and without any risk of handling damages.

Automate adds space in the maintenance workshop and plant areas, increases flexibility making it very easy to transport loads within and outside as and when needed.

Previously four-wheel bogie trailers were operated, requiring two trucks and additional personnel to move and steer the load.

The Auto-Mate is used to lift, transport and place equipment such as heat exchangers, pumps and columns between production areas and workshops.  This single-operative system can enhance logistic efficiency in a multitude of operations.

Recently the company has received a request for another new Auto-Mate for the site.