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Zero Harm Contracts are an initiative embraced by businesses in order to reduce or eliminate risk to staff, clients, subcontractors, stakeholders and the environment.

To achieve this, companies are removing any tools or processes deemed an unnecessary threat to those involved.

Zero Harm contracts are becoming more and more important amongst the construction industry. This growth in demand has increased the awareness of zero harm contracts in the public eye.

EDF Energy state “We believe all harm is preventable. That’s why Zero Harm is an enduring priority for us. This ambition means making sure our workplaces are safe and healthy for everyone: our employees and anyone working on our behalf.” 

“Advocates of Zero Harm Contracts are arguing that it is the only target any organisation should set.” – Iosh Magazine

Infrastructure multinational Balfour Beatty also qualifies its zero-harm goals. Heather Bryant, director of health, safety and sustainability, says: “Although ‘zero harm’ is the slogan, Balfour Beatty focuses on controlling significant risks through a high level of employee engagement and empowerment. Zero harm presents a culture, not a set of unprioritised measures.”

The question to you is, can you really put a price on safety?


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