Multidrive’s Horizontal Ejector (MHE)

With its broad material appetite, rapid spreading and heaping ability, the Multidrive Horizontal Ejector system is an innovative non-tip, bulk load discharge solution.


Tippers overturning on construction sites, is an ever-present danger. Safety at work, dictates that this danger must be eliminated, MHE achieves this.
The Multidrive Horizontal Ejector system is available in kit form for body builders to incorporate into their trailers and rigid vehicles. Kits are offered to suit a wide-ranging applications.

Some of the advantages of MHE:
• Robust
• Highly productive
• Safe – tipping eliminated
• Discharge in a fraction of the time taken by tippers and walking floor systems
• No carry-back of material
• Simple and easy to install
• Light in weight, with few moving parts
• Eliminates the maintenance and replacement costs associated with walking floor systems
• Safely off-load on uneven ground, and in areas of confined headroom