Multi-load Ejector
Articulated Driveline

M8 Series

Multidrive mining trucks and systems are formidable in terms of capacity and performance.  Key to the success of the vehicle are:

  • Multidrive Driveline system and
  • Multidrive Horizontal Ejector System.

The Multidrive Driveline system provides superb traction and manoeuvrability and the MHE affords the most effective means of discharging the payload.

The Multidrive Driveline system can be adapted to convert a range of rugged rigid trucks to suit the mining industry, increasing their volumetric and payload capacity and also improving manoeuvrability and traction.

Multidrive’s Horizontal Ejector (MHE) is available to suit rigid chassis articulate dump trucks as well as trailers and semi-trailers.

For maximum benefit the two systems are combined, an example of this combination is the M8-40, these trucks are capable of discharging full and part loads with no carry-back, in 15 seconds.

These high-speed, horizontal ejector haulers have a wide material appetite, they offer low fuel consumption per tonne kilometer / hour and are versatile in terms of spreading and discharging loads. Faster over rough terrain and with the safe non-tipping MHE ejector system, these M8 mining trucks are powerful machines that can safely discharge on the move.