Industrial Trailer

Industrial Trailer

The Auto-Mate elevating trailer is designed to lift, transport and place loads that are beyond the capability of a standard fork lift truck.

It enables a 3 to 5 tonne fork lift to lift and move long, bulky and wide loads up to 20 tonnes using minimal space.

The benefits of the Auto-Mate are simple:

  • It can carry both weighty and bulky loads
  • Increases a typical fork lift capacity y between 3 and 6 times its rated load
  • Simple and quick to attach
  • Safe and simple to operate
  • Robust and simple to maintain
  • Improves the utilisation of factory floor space and productivity
  • Eliminates the need for side loaders, lager forklifts and tow trailers and tugs.

Delivering maximum reliability and minimum down-time the Auto-Mate allows cross-bay, large item movements and can be easily integrated into assembly and paint shop processes to reduce capital costs and increase production flexibility.

Bespoke models of the Auto-Mate can be designed in both height, lift and capacity.

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