M8 Specification

M8 Off Highway Hauler

Driven by a desire to achieve constant levels of exceptional productivity, Multidrive engineers, have through innovation and the use of high grade materials, created a durable, light in weight vehicle offering maximum payload to unladen weight. The unique all wheel driveline provides unsurpassed traction, this couple with the agility provided by the rear steer delivers outstanding performance.

What gives the M8 is competitive advantage?

  • Exceptional performance with high power and torque to weight ratio
  • Economical, low parasitic losses with high payload to unladen weight
  • Fuel economy – best in class – output per litre of fuel
  • Maximum traction with 8×8 and 8×6 wheel drive configurations to suit application
  • Highly manoeuvrable – rear steer ensures small turning circle with minimal ‘cut in’
  • Eject load ‘on the move’ with flat pattern, safe horizontal discharge, no tipping required
  • Maximised pay load – large cubic capacity 20m³ with option of 40m³ (2:1 heaped) up to 40 ton in weight
  • Driver environment – capacious cab
  • Engine retarder/endurance braking maximises safety and increases brake lining life
  • Maximised ground level service access simplifies service


Dimensions & Weights (payload 40 tons)


  • CUMMINS ISMe 420 30 Euro III
  • Displacement 10.8 litre
  • Max Power 420 bhp (306kW) @ 1900
  • Max Torque 2010NM (1314 Ib-ft) @ 1400 


  • ALLISON automatic 6-speed 4500
  • Torque converter TC 551 ratio 1.79:1
  • Electronic Diagnostic System 

Transfer Box

  • 2-Speed
  • Ratio: HIGH 0.89 LOW 1.536


  • Front: Non-drive, steer axle capacity 10,000 kg (8×6)
  • Optional: Steer drive axle capacity 10,000kg (8×8)
  • Second: Double reduction, planetary through drive Tridem axle with inter axle differential. Capacity: 16,000kg
  • Third & Fourth (rear bogie): Double reduction drive axles. Capacity 32,000kg

Wheels & Tyres

  • Front: 17.5R25
  • Rear: 20.5R25


  • Front: Multidrve trailing ‘A’ frame, self levelling air suspension with pan hard rod location
  • Rear Tractor: Trailing arm, self-levelling air suspension with coil spring helpers
  • Trailer: Multidrive walking beam, including laminated rubber/metal mounts, parallel radius rods and pan hard rods, to ensure minimum axle-to-suspension distortion and optimum driveline angularity


  • Robust tubular peimeter frame steel cab combined with cab mounts and chassis structure to meet the requirements for ROPS (Roll Over Protection System) and FOPS (Falling Object Protection System)
  • Ergonomically designed controls and instrument layout
  • Air conditioning
  • Two Air Suspension seats
  • Easy access from both sides – walk through cab
  • Excellent all-round visibility
  • Low noise level
  • Internal volume 3.8m2

Electrical System

  • 24 Volt negative return system
  • 100 amp alternator

Regenerative Steering

Regenerative steering reduces the steering forces. It centralises the steering system, improves directional stability, eliminates over and under steer, whilst reducing shock loading in adverse conditions.

Load Ejection

Multidrive Horizontal Ejector System (MHE)

  • Wide, flexible, energy and sound absorbing moving floor
  • Moving headboard
  • Automatic tailgate operating and headboard retraction

The system provides:

  • 100% load ejection (no carry back)
  • Ejection either stationary or on the move (forward and reverse)
  • Controllable discharge
  • No roll over risk with site tipping operations
  • Fast cycle times

Body Size

  • 8.5m x 2.2 wide x 1.2m (internal)
  • Optional side extension kits for light density material
  • Struck volume 23.5m3
  • heaped volume 29.5m3
  • 40 ton (36.300kg) load capacity
  • Eject time 15 seconds