M8 Series

The M8 log truck is designed to effectively and efficiently move a wide variety of timber, from short billets to 16 metre tree trucks, over medium to long haul distances.   Based on the unique Multidrive articulated drive line system it is available in 8×8 or 8×6 wheel drive configurations. The M8 Series is a high-speed multi-role hauler, capable of carrying high volume loads across some of the world’s most arduous forest haul routes.


First Load


With 70% gradability, a 17 metre turning circle with virtually no trailer cut-in, this natural narrow-aisle steerability, combined with driven and steered rear trailer axles, ensures that traction is maintained and steep, continuous twisting and winding routes are negotiated with ease.

The positive forward push from the trailer through the forward pivot point provides a downward pressure on the front steer axle to maintain front wheel ground contact and steering control.





The M8- Log Truck combines the unique Drive-Line Technology system with best in class componentry to provide a vehicle with:

  • Exceptional performance with high power and torque to weight ratio
  • Economical, low parasitic losses with high payload to unladen weight
  • Superb traction with 8×8 and 8×6 wheel drive configurations to suit application
  • Highly manoeuvrable – rear steer ensures small turning circle with minimal ‘cut in’
  • High Payload – ideal for both billet and transmission pole timber.
  • Low operating cost per tonne
  • Driver environment – Excellent visibility from capacious, protected cab
  • Engine retarder/endurance braking maximises safety and increases brake lining life
  • Maximised ground level service access simplifies service

Most importantly with ROPS (roll over protection) and FOPS (falling object protection)

The M8 has been operational in Africa for a number of years, operating in arduous conditions over challenging terrain, transporting timber from the forest direct to the mill without the need for short or intermediate haulage vehicles.