Flexible Frame

Flex-Frame for driven trailers

The Multidrive Flex-Frame has three planes of movement to achieve:

  • 50 degrees up & down
  • 50 degrees side to side
  • 360 degrees rotation
  • Channels that protect all hoses, pipes & cables (Hydraulic, Air & Electrical)
  • Easy disconnection
  • Easy maintenance
  • Utilises standard vehicle steering
  • Legal and safe throughout the total use spectrum

The design solution – comprises:

  • Heavy duty driveline and bearings
  • Low stress – increased chassis life compared to a long chassis rigid
  • Proven active, fail safe stability
  • Active optimisation of all axle loadings, particularly on second axle
  • Improved strategic and tactical mobility
  • Improved wheel/ground contact
  • Legal GVW/GCW enabling higher payloads
  • Wide spread of traction
  • Improved lateral stability in all yaw and pitch circumstances
  • 40 degree ramp profiles achieved with reduced stresses
  • Unlimited oscillation between tractor and trailer
  • Lower overall chassis stresses – minimizing chance of load or chassis fracture
  • Safe high speed characteristics
  • Smallest 17M turning circle in its class achieved with only one steer axle and minimum ‘cut in’
  • All wheel drive torque split, with cross and longitudinal axle differential locks


Driveline Flex-Frame 8X8
Engine / Power Caterpillar C-12Euro III 450 bhp
Cab Multidrive Stealth crew / Sleeper cab
Transmission Allison HD 4560(P) 6 Speed
Transfer case MAN VG1600
Axle Front Axle Tech ISAS
Axle Rear SISU
Axle Rear Tandem SISU
Suspension Front ISAS independent suspension
Suspension Rear Naway Air Suspension
Suspension Rear Tandem Walking beam rubber suspension
Brakes Full air dual circuit disc front drum rear with ABS
Steering Recirculating ball integral power assist
Steering Rear Pasive Flex-Frame
Frame (Front & Rear) Bolted construction high tensile ladder frame
Tyre 16.00R20
Cooling System Water cooled radiator pack
Fuel System 350 Litre steel tank
Electrics 24 Volt
Temperature Minus 26 to Plus 49 Deg C (unprepared)
Humidity up to 100% at 30 Deg C
Altitude Designed for 2,500 Metre
Weight & Load
Payload (inc Body) 25,500 Kg
Curb Weight (Chassis cab) 13,500 Kg
GVW 39,000 Kg
Length 14,320 mm
Width 2,550 mm
Height 3,000 mm
Cargo body floor height 1,500 mm
Drive mode 8X8
Cab 1 + 3 / 4 & Kit (depending on requirement)
Tactical Mobility
Highest Speed 96 km/hr
Acceleration 0~60 Km/hr 29 Sec
Min Turning Dia 17 Metre
Continuous driving range 600 km (As requested by MoD)
Approach angle 40 degree
Departure angle 38 degree
Minimum ground clearance 495 mm
Max slope climbing 60%
Max side slope Static Tilt 28 Deg