Future Cargo Vehicle


Advanced Design

  • Durability and serviceability
  • Terrainability and agility
  • Stealth and armour
  • Improved traction
  • Envoirnmentally friendlier
  • safety and efficiency
  • Payloads of 6 & 9 tonne


  • C130
  • Chinookchinook2

Cab Design

  • Stealth design
  • Armour option
  • Spacious
  • Great visibility
  • Low noise
  • No heat
  • No engine tunnel intrusion
  • Walk thru’ cab

Reliable & Sustainable

  • Proven, available components
  • Advanced design configuration allows
    • Easy repair and maintenance
    • Single vehicle-type fleet
    • Maximum use of standardised components
    • Designed-in accident cost reduction features
    • Robust integrated body/box chassis


Major Units

  • Cummins ISB 6 cylinder 6.7 litre diesel engine
  • Allison 3000 series automatic transmission
  • Multidrive transmission mounted transfer case
  • Arvin meritor independent suspension systemunique-chassis-layout
  • Modular cab
  • Torsional stiff box section spine with integral deck
  • Side mounted engine transmission module
  • Side mounted module incorporating air cleaner, fuel tank and spare wheel
  • Beam or independent axle suspension system
  • 00r20 tyres optional 24r21
  • Central tyre inflation option
  • Runflat insert option


  • Integrated roll over protection system (rops)
  • Integrated signature reduction:
    • Visual
    • Acoustic
    • Thermal
    • Radar
  • Optional load protection
  • Optional adaptable ballistic/mine protection levels


Steering 3 modes

  • Front wheel (normal)
  • Contra (10.7m turning circle –between kerbs)
  • Crabgradient
    • 20% increase in gradeability
    • Superior ditch and hump crossing
    • Superior trailer manoeuvring

Independent Suspension

  • Higher cross country speeds
  • Superior ride quality for personnel and high-value cargo


  • Ability to load options
    • Crane
    • Winch


  • Eliminate need for many vehicle types (6t mm, 9tmm, 9timm, 15t mm) and replace with one, high performance truck tractor which with the smart trailer can acheive or exceed the performances specified by the mod.
  • Reduce the acquisition costs for a fleet of vehicles able to meet or exceeed the most stringent requirements.
  • Reduce the manpower requirements and enhance the recruitment and retention of drivers and maintainers.

Future Cargo Vehicle (FCV) and Pulse Propulsion Trailer (PPT)


The military trailer for the 21st century

Design features include:

  • The complete cargo system (FCV, FCV + PPT)
  • 6 tonne payload trailer (15 tonne combined with FCV)
  • Doubles capacity (2 x 20’ ISO containers):
    • Equivalent to another 6t mm vehicle @ 25% of its cost
    • Enables carriage of outsize loads 40’ long
  • Integrates load handling:
    • Able to load/unload tractor and trailer without decoupling – single man operation


Assists in agility of tractor unit:

  • Pulse system: short/long strokes to prevent
  • Traction loss in tractor over 3.5m
  • Ram recovery of tractor. Capable of 1-2 mph
  • Rear wheel steer of tractor makes reversing easy
  • Independent suspension + CTIS (mobility + high value loads)
  • Versatile:
    • 20’ ISO container compatible
    • Tanker variant capable of 6,000 litres
  • Affordable
    • Decreased acquisition costs:
      • Output based, capability (system) approach
      • Non prescriptive payload specification approach
      • Reduction in fleet numbers
    • Lower through life costs:
      • Single vehicle fleet
      • Tomorrows features included today
      • Technology insertion capability
    • Value-for-money:
      • Increased operational effectiveness for less cost

Other Examples of Multidrive Product used in Military Applications

AWD (Bedford) Multidrive 8x6 1990

AWD (Bedford) Multidrive 8x6 1990

Foden Multidrive 8x6 1996

Foden Multidrive 8x6 1996

Foden Multidrive 1999-2000

Foden Multidrive 1999-2000

AWD (Bedford) MTM 40-30 during trial at Aldershot Long Valley

AWD (Bedford) MTM 40-30 during trial at Aldershot Long Valley

MTM 40-30 on the ‘knife edge’ Aldershot Long Valley 18,000kg payload

MTM 40-30 on the ‘knife edge’ Aldershot Long Valley 18,000kg payload

MTM 40-30 Algeria Sahara 20,000kg payload operating in desert terrain

MTM 40-30 Algeria Sahara 20,000kg payload operating in desert terrain