Future Cargo Vehicle
Flexible Frame

Smart Trailer
Fuel & Water Tanker

Designed and developed by Multidrive, the Multidrive range of defence vehicle solutions include:

  • FCV 4x4x4 Combat Vehicle
  • Driven Full Trailer with Flex-Frame Drive System
  • M8 Engineer Vehicle
  • Fuel & Water Tanker
  • Tank Transporter

FCV 4x4x4 Combat Vehicle is of modular construction with side pods housing the power train & hydraulics in one module and radiator/charge cooler unit, batteries and spare wheel assembly the other. This All Wheel-Drive /All Wheel Steer offers stealth features and the option of an armoured cab.

The Driven full trailer has a Flex-Frame to connect it to and receive drive from a conventional truck with a through-drive rear axle. This enables the combined vehicle to achieve Improved Medium Mobility (IMM) at Legal Plated Weights.

The M8 Engineer vehicle combines two unique Multidrive features, a Multi-Load Ejector Body and Multi-drive driveline.  This exceptional vehicle fulfils many of the defence force engineering rolls.

The Multidrive 8×6 Articulated Steered & Driven 20,000 Litre Fuel & Water Tanker/Trailers have been procured since 1990 by the UK MoD offering all the attributes of Medium Mobility.

In addition to these products Multidrive has, on its own and in collaboration with major defence contractors in the UK and USA, developed a number of pioneering logistic and combat vehicle systems.