M8-40 MHE

Available as an 8×8 or 8×6, the M8 Series is a high-speed multi-role construction vehicle, capable of carrying high volume loads across some of the world’s longest and most difficult terrain.

With its 17 metre turning circle and virtually no trailer cut-in it has a natural narrow-aisle steerability.  With exceptional traction and manoeuvrability, the high-speed M8-40 MHE horizontal ejector hauler is suited to heavy construction applications.

Capable of moving a wide range of construction materials at speed, over both medium and long distance hauls, the M8-40 MHE, unlike other vehicles, does not tip; it conveys the load out of the body, allowing it to discharge full and part loads on the move, in forward and reverse. Speed is another advantage of M8-40 MHE it can take just 15 seconds to eject a full load and there is no need for the driver to wait for the tipper to return from tip position before driving away.

The M8-40 MHE is formidable in terms of its efficiency and performance. It can deliver part loads and off-load on uneven ground and its controllable discharge means it can spread loads and discharge onto conveyers and into hoppers.

Reduced fuel consumption, less noise and dust and few moving parts makes the M8-40 MHE unbeatable in terms of increased productivity and less downtime.

Through innovation and the use of high grade materials, the M8 is a durable, light in weight vehicle offering maximum payload to unladen weight. The unique all-wheel driveline provides unsurpassed traction, this coupled with the agility provided by the rear steer delivers outstanding performance.

What gives the M8 is competitive advantage?

  • Exceptional performance with high power and torque to weight ratio
  • Economical, low parasitic losses with high payload to unladen weight
  • Superb traction with 8×8 and 8×6 wheel drive configurations to suit application
  • Highly manoeuvrable – rear steer ensures small turning circle with minimal ‘cut in’
  • High volumetric payload 29m³ with option of 40m³ (2:1 heaped) up to 40 ton in weight – ideal for the lower density materials.
  • Low operating cost per tonne / M3
  • Driver environment – Excellent visibility from capacious, protected cab
  • Engine retarder/endurance braking maximises safety and increases brake lining life
  • Maximised ground level service access simplifies service

Most importantly with ROPS (roll over protection) and FOPS (falling object protection)