Articulated Drivelive
M8 Series

M8 Specification
Flexible Frame

With their all-weather capability and small turning circle, the Multidrive agricultural trucks, offer a formidable range of machines capable of operating across all terrains with maximum functionality and minimal cut-in, on and off-highway.







With reduced ‘cut-in’ the Multidrive’s can negotiate narrow tracks and sharp bends, which conventional articulated trucks, or similar sized ridged trucks cannot. The ability of the trailer units to follow in the tracks of the prime mover means there is minimal infield and crop damage.   Central tire inflation system (CTIS) further reduce soil compaction and enhance traction in poor conditions.

Using the Multidrive Drive-Line technology, eliminates the need for double transport handling and continues to prove itself to be a robust one-transport solution, whilst offering lower maintenance and transport costs.