Multidrive’s Horizontal Ejector Body


The Multidrive Horizontal Ejector Body (MHE) combines the best advantages of on-highway tipping bodies, off-highway ADT and bottom dump bodies to increase productivity. Capable of being fitted to a variety of rigid and articulated on/off highway tractor/trailer with a range of capacities. The Multidrive Horizontal Ejector can cope with a broad material-type appetite without modification, facilitating maximum utility and operating advantage. Its applications are numerous.

Key Advantages:


  • Can cope with many varied materials and multi-tasking
    • High or low density
    • Granular, abrasive or sticky
  • No carry back of material
  • 15 second controllable ejection time
  • On the move discharge reducing turn round times
  • Flat load discharge enables self-compaction
  • Flat load discharge in forward or reverse
  • High heaping capability
  • Can accommodate a wide range in body length, width and height.


  • Stability is enhanced because the load is ejected
  • Controlled discharge can be stopped if necessary
  • Non tipping body
      • Operation in restricted height areas
      • Safe discharge under power lines
      • Delivers a safe tip-edge discharge
      • Discharge can operate on side slopes


  • Reduced loading and unloading noise
  • Reduced degradation of material and less dust
  • Eliminates need in many applications for an additional spreading vehicle

Reduced operating costs

  • Impact loads, abrasion and swelling of body sides are reduced as the load is carried, not pushed out.
  • Heavy-duty, high efficiency belt drive uses a minimum displacement hydraulic system.
  • Low unladen weight increases payload and reduces fuel consumption.