Developed for tough-all terrain environments the Multidrive Drive-Line Technology system has the ability to carry more payload and still operate in difficult or inaccessible off-road sites, meaning that the Multidrive can achieve lower costs per tonne-mile. Larger payloads means fewer journeys, shorter driver hours and reduced fuel, about and maintenance costs.

An ideal workhorse for applications such as earth moving and construction, sand and gravel pits, quarries and mining, waste disposal and landfill sites, forestry, agriculture and military, the Multidrive also offers improved ground contact and traction and, on steep grades or difficult terrain the effective distribution of weight on to the trailer driven wheels, aids traction and reduces wheel spin.

Servicing is also made simple with swing out heavy-duty fenders enabling ground level servicing of the engine and associated equipment. The diagnostic machine and transmission management system improves the vehicle performance and reduces downtime. The tractor can also be removed from the trailer to aid in-shop servicing.

Customers can rely on Multidrive to be reliable and cost-effective, even on the toughest of terrains.