Flexible-Frame Drive System

Endeavouring to find the ultimate solution to maximising the traction, mobility and agility for heavy goods, off and on highway vehicles, Multidrive’s engineers developed the Flexible Frame Trailer drive.

This system provides a step change in off road performance, without compromise to road going use.

The combination of the tractor unit and driven trailer provides for exceptional articulation.  The unlimited oscillation between tractor and trailer, maintains tyre to ground contact, thereby maximizing traction.  The driven trailer follows in the track of the tractor unit, immensely enhancing manoeuvrability when compared with a similar capacity rigid frame vehicle.

The trailer drive coupling system design enables:








  • Smallest 17M turning circle in its class achieved with only one steer axle and minimum ‘cut in’
  • Increased axle spacing giving a wider spread of traction
  • Enhances lateral stability in all yaw and pitch circumstances
  • Safe high speed characteristics
  • Lower overall chassis stresses – minimizing chance of load or chassis fracture
  • All wheel drive torque split, with cross and longitudinal axle differential locks
  • Easy disconnection
  • Easy maintenance
  • Utilises standard vehicle steering
  • Legal and safe throughout the total use spectrum
  • The Flexible Frame system can be applied to drive a full trailer with most ridged 4×2, 4×4, 6×4 and 6×6 wheel drive vehicles.