Forestry – Case Studies

Fewer Costs, Reduced Damage, Increased Productivity

Faced with ever rising operating costs, Unitrans wanted a solution that would reduce inbound supply chain and eliminate double handling costs, improve up time during the wet season and, at the same time, reduce damage to the infield.

Although a tractor based option would provide good infield capability, its road performance was poor. In contrast, a rigid truck based option had good road performance but its infield capability was poor.

It was apparent that a solution combining the best attributes of both was required, a vehicle that would deliver:

  • Efficient tracking on smaller roads
  • Improved traction (8 x 6 wheel drive)
  • Improved legal payloads
  • Suitable for off and on-highway conditions

The Multidrive driveline system operated by Unitrans has distinguished itself with two major forestry businesses in South Africa and Mondi and SAPPI, operating in the logistically challenging mountainous region of Mpumalanga.

It has enabled Unitrans to reduce the need for short haul transport making their operations more sustainable by transporting from the forest compartment direct to the mill.

Unitrans continue to operate Multidrive and state that the performance of the Multidrive system rises above those of other vehicle systems, enabling them to eliminate doubling handling and transport direct from field to mill.

In addition to improving profit margins, Multidrive has enabled Unitrans to offer customers an en-hanced service allowing continuous operations in conditions where other vehicles cannot deliver.

Long Distance

Three M8-40s were supplied to Liberia for the transportation of overgrown non-productive trees from moribund rubber plantations. The M8s used to transport tree trunks to renewable energy plants to be chipped for use as Biofuel in the generation process.