Defence – Case Studies

Research & Development

Multidrive has committed to a number of design projects, including a partnership with Stewart & Stevenson, for the British Ministry of Defence Support Vehicle, to focus on a range of heavy recovery vehicles.


In 1987, David Brown purchased the Bedford Truck IPR and the Dunstable site from General Mo-tors, a large supplier of military vehicles worldwide. During this period the MTM55 (8×6), MTL 33 (8×6) and MTM40-30 (8×8) were produced for both military and civilian applications.

The MTM55 was purchased by Central Military Command in Dubai and the MoD purchased 26 Foden Multidrive fuel and water tankers, which were deployed in support of Operation Desert Storm, the first Gulf War.

FFV – the new generation of military fuel and water tankers

Following the success of the Foden Multidrive tankers, the new generation of Multidrive tankers, represented over 10 years of detailed design, production and support expertise in the military bulk fluid delivery application in battle conditions. The new FFV was capable of refuelling two attack helicopters simultaneously or, a battle tank at 2000 litres per minute. Based on a single vehicle concept for close support and tactical air refuelling roles, the FFV satisfied the increasing demands of military fuel requirements, to ensure fuel was delivered and eliminating logistic drag.

With its improved mobility the FFV 10×8 and 8×8 Multidrive patented articulated, rear steer/drive vehicle configuration made advanced cross-country mobility easier:

  • 10×8 on highway laden
  • 8×8 off highway carrying 22,000 litres
  • 8×8 on/off highway configuration carrying 20,000 litres
  • Patented regenerative steering
  • 17.5m to 18.2m turning circle
  • 450HP Caterpillar engine, Allison automatic transmission
  • Anti-lop weight distribution system

FCV – Multidrive Combat Support Vehicle Range 4 x 4 x 4 

The FCV range of vehicles were developed with a modular cab, an integrated load-lift option and a stiff fabricated box chassis.

Its modular design included an independent suspension all-wheel-steer chassis, adaptable inte-grated protection and signature reception. The 12 x 10 FCV has a 21 tonne payload and the trailer can rotate 360 degrees with maximum wheel/ground contact.

Other benefits of the FCV:

  • Articulation pitch of 25 degrees
  • Turning circle of 62 feet
  • Adaptable armoured options
  • Lift axle carries ‘active’ spare wheels
  • Advanced lateral stability
  • Compete with crane and integrated load handling
  • 24,000 litre capacity tanker variant

Flex Frame

The Multidrive Flex Frame is a coupling and drive mechanism that enables a full trailer to have drive to all wheels, whilst maintaining full articulation.