Construction – Case Study

Simple, Robust & Invaluable

The Multidrive Horizontal Ejector systems have proven themselves invaluable in the transportation of aggregates for companies such as Hansons. Fitted to aluminuim bulk haulage trailers, the Multidrive MHE ejection systems offer a simply, robust, highly productive and safer bulk handling solution.

Glasgow Southern Relief Road

Versatile & Greater Payload

VHE purchased two, Multidrive M8-40 MHE’s, for the construction of a 17 km stretch of dual carriageway and motorway which involved excavating 600,000 metres of basalt.

Paul Mathers, VHE Equipment’s General Manager said at the time: “Following trials of the vehicles, we discovered that the M8’s payload was far greater than a standard 40 t ADT. We have been successfully using the M8 to haul stone and rock and they have already demonstrated good productivity advantages. They have also proven to be much more versatile, particularly in the later stages of the project.”