Auto-Mate to be used with Dock Spotter

As an industry proven improvement to the effectiveness and productivity of the standard forklift, the Auto-Mate allows the load to be lifted by up to 6 times the original capacity.  As used by caterpillar in the Peterlee ADT plant for 35 years.

Here at Multidrive we strive to increase the efectiveness of our customers with our products and vehicles, which has led to the Auto mate to be redisgned for use with Dock Spotters.

The Auto-Mate used in conjunction with a dock spotter will allow remarkable lifting potential, increasing the effective load to be lifted by a starting weight of 25 tonnes. This innovation will allow the Auto-Mate to be used by a new industry and allow them to increase their productivity and effectiveness. The Auto-Mate can be designed to have platform dimensions to suit a wide range of applications so various model Dock spotters/ Terminal/ RO RO tractors can use an Auto-Mate.  As with the standard forklift Auto-Mate the trailer platform is driven under the load, the platform is elevated by means of the hydraulic undercarriage and tractor’s 5th wheel.