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Sample Press Release

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New M8 Variant for Central African Logging Industry

Our most recent success is the design and development of a new variant to the Multidrive M8 Series for the Central African logging industry.

The new M8 variant was developed for the transportation of timber up to 14 metres in length and billets of 3 metres.

Designed to reduce inbound supply chain and double-handling costs, the M8 has improved trans-portation times, increased up-time during the wet season and is suitable for transporting on both on and off-highway.


In June this year, Multidrive was called upon to assist in the recovery of the new M8 variant from a mountainous ridge, deep in the Rwandan forest.

Our chief engineer flew from the UK to Rwanda and was on site within 72 hours. The truck was recovered, a full analysis for damage was undertaken and the truck was back in operation within 120 hours.


Note for Editors:

The driver escaped without injury and no-one else was hurt in the accident, which occurred through no fault of the M8 or works carried out by Multidrive Ltd.