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Multidrive goes nuclear

Multidrive goes ‘Nuclear’

Multidrive’s MHE systems are currently delivering aggregate to EDF Energy’s Hinkley Point, the biggest construction site in Europe.

The MHE systems are being used to supply the aggregate to Hanson who produce the concreate used in the construction. The aggregate must be of the very highest quality, an essential requirement for ‘nuclear concrete’.

The horizontal discharging Multidrive MHE offers a safe means of discharge and is able to operate on unstable ground.

A further advantage of the Multidrive MHE is the speed of ejection, this dramatically reduces time spent at the discharge point.  Operators advise that this enables them to achieve a 20% increase in productivity.

Multidrive goes nuclear




Safety Critical

Safety Critical

Multidrive MHE horizontal discharging system offers a safe and quick means of truck and trailer discharge.

In a recent case a construction haulage company was fined £565,000 for tipping too close to a 33kV power line  Fortunately in this incident the driver was unharmed.

The non-tipping MHE system not only avoids the perils of a raised body contacting powerlines it also enables discharge in other areas of limited headroom, in tunnels under bridges and similar obstructions.

Tipper bodies are inherently unstable and prone to roll over when operated on soft or uneven ground, the MHE obviates this risk.

Safety Critical

Multidrive M8

Chinese Licensee for Multidrive M8

The Chinese licensee for Multidrive’s M8, multi-wheel driving technology, has now completed more than 3 years of intensive testing of their pre-production trucks, in various mining and civil engineering applications. They are due to start series production during 2018 and plan to manufacture vehicles for transportation in desert, swamp and mining areas. It is reported that annual output of the vehicles will be 10,000 when the project goes into full production.

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Auto-Mate to be used with Dock Spotter

As an industry proven improvement to the effectiveness and productivity of the standard forklift, the Auto-Mate allows the load to be lifted by up to 6 times the original capacity.  As used by caterpillar in the Peterlee ADT plant for 35 years.

Here at Multidrive we strive to increase the efectiveness of our customers with our products and vehicles, which has led to the Auto mate to be redisgned for use with Dock Spotters.

The Auto-Mate used in conjunction with a dock spotter will allow remarkable lifting potential, increasing the effective load to be lifted by a starting weight of 25 tonnes. This innovation will allow the Auto-Mate to be used by a new industry and allow them to increase their productivity and effectiveness. The Auto-Mate can be designed to have platform dimensions to suit a wide range of applications so various model Dock spotters/ Terminal/ RO RO tractors can use an Auto-Mate.  As with the standard forklift Auto-Mate the trailer platform is driven under the load, the platform is elevated by means of the hydraulic undercarriage and tractor’s 5th wheel.

Rare Earth Hauler

Multidrive’s M8-40 high performance hauler has been proposed for the transportation of ore at a new rare earth mine in Alaska.

As with other sectors of the metals mining industry, rare earth mining has had a tough time recently. However, industry analysts are expecting magnet materials to experience significant demand growth over the next five years. Projects with high exposure to these materials and with a low-cost base are in a good position to exploit the anticipated growth.

The M8-40 is ideal for operating in the harsh climatic conditions and challenging steep terrain.  The 420 BHP engine, 6-speed, automatic transmission with two speed transfer box and hub reduction axles provide ample traction.  Where the haul route is suitable the high speed ability of the M8 can be exploited and with the ability to power up the steep grades, cycle times are minimised.

Success breeds success

For the past fifteen years the Multidrive MHE ejector systems have been in ‘around the clock’ operation, conveying mining discard from coal handling or wash plants to colliery spoil heaps, for some of South Africa’s major mining companies.

With ever more mining houses signing up to ‘Zero Harm’ a crucial benefit of the MLE system is that the waste is conveyed horizontally out of the trailer, no tipping.  Such a method is now becoming mandatary, on safety grounds, where tipper trucks are no longer tolerated.   MHE discharges the load with added stability in soft underfoot conditions, on side slopes and grades, and can operate where overhead obstructions are present.

Another key benefit is that the load can be controllably ejected while the unit is in motion, a uniform layer of discard is deposited along the ‘route’, eliminating the need for a grader or dozer to spread the material before it can be compacted.

Customers comment that this system has resulted in a lowering in capital expenditure and a significant increase in productivity and a reduction in operating cost.

Other contractors having seen the Multidrives in operation are keen have their own.  Multidrive is also discussing licensing the technology to other equipment manufacturers.

Caterpillar increase AutoMate Fleet

Over 35 years since the first Automate industrial lift trailers were integrated into the manufacturing process at Caterpillar’s Peterlee Articulated Dump Truck (ADT) plant, two new extended versions have just been commissioned.  With a ten-tonne load capacity the 5.8 metre load bed the unit has been customised to transport the new range of larger ADT assemblies.