About Us

Who are Multidrive?

Multidrive is a design, engineering and manufacturing company that creates special purpose vehicles, offering ‘multi-wheel-drive’ or ‘all-wheel-drive’ configurations that are suitable for the construction, mining, agricultural and military market segments.  Our designs also encompass load carrying and discharge systems and industrial transport equipment. Multidrive has built its reputation as a specialist All-Wheel-Drive vehicle design and engineering company over 40 years.


Customers choose us because our approach is different. This difference translates into big operational savings for you and your company. Whether your interest is in off-highway haulers, forestry, agriculture, industrial or military vehicles, the Multidrive alternative is generally faster, more efficient with lower operating costs.


Successfully, we have developed and patented many products for the off/on-road vehicle industry. Product designs are focused on fitness-for-purpose, reliability and serviceability. Our innovation stems from the need to deliver maximum functionality and operational flexibility to the customer. Our engineers are taught to think ‘outside the box’ when seeking solutions.