M8-40 Mining Truck

Successful in both the UK and South Africa, the M8-40 continues to prove itself formidable in terms of its efficiency and performance, in both open cast mining applications and site-tipping operations (suggest – deep mine discard operations – instead of site-tipping)).

With its tight turning circle, 46% gradability and excellent traction and manoeuvrability, the M8-40 is also faster. Combine the M8-40 with the Multidrive Multi-Load Ejector (MLE) and you have a vehicle that can eject a full load in just 15 seconds when either stationary, on the move, in forward and reverse.

The M8-40 has been proven to significantly increase productivity, reduce operating costs and deliver maximum traction, on the most difficult of terrains.  Combine this with no danger of driving away with the MLE in the raised position, and the M8-40 and MLE are unbeatable in speed, efficiency and safety.