A Smart Move

The Multidrive range of Auto-Mate hydraulic lifting trailers are capable of lifting more than 6 times the payload of a fork lift truck.

A versatile and complete materials handling system that is easy and safe to operate, the Auto-Mate is the most manoeuvrable bulk transportation system, and requires minimum maintenance and space.


Proven to have over 20 years operation without failure, the Auto-Mate delivers maximum reliability and minimum downtime.

Designed to work in conjunction with existing fleets, the Auto-Mate enables cross-bay, large product movements, eliminating the need for side-loaders, large forklifts and tow-trailers and tugs.

The combination of the Auto-Mate and a forklift truck provides an extremely manoeuvrable load carrying system, for example, a traditional 3.5 t capacity forklift can safely lift and move a 15 t load.

The Auto-Mate can be configured to meet individual customer requirements and subject to application, can carry a payload of up to 60 tonne.


  • Can be effectively integrated into and enhance assembly processes
  • Negates the need for cross handling between interior/exterior
  • Facilitates flexible factory/storage floor layouts, isnt dependent on installed handling equipment
  • Reduces wasted space inside and out
  • Manoeuvrable as a forklift
  • Narrow aisle work
  • Extendable neck
  • Tipping
  • Multi-load capabilities
  • Awkward bulky loads
  • Transport up to 60 t (subject to application and customer requirement)
  • One man operation
  • Low running costs
  • Engagement/disengagement is quick and simple
  • Frees up significant area of factory floor space

Cost Reductions

With Auto-Mate, handling operations are far more efficient and convenient, forklift capabilities and utilisation are greatly enhanced and the need to hire yard tugs and external cranes is eliminated. Typically there are no additional manpower requirements resulting from the substantial increase in forklift truck fleet capabilities. A single system, to manage the transport of bulky materials from delivery truck to workstation with low running and acquisition costs, provide a complete long-term, cost-effective materials handling solution.

Flexible assembly layout

The key advantage of the Auto-Mate system is that it facilitates a truly flexible shop floor layout. Without the need for fixed systems, the layout can be altered to suit new products or a changed manufacturing product mix.

The inherent manoeuvrability of the Auto-Mate system allows a shop-floor layout with minimum isle width. Spacing is done on the basis of the components to be moved, not the overall width of the transport system.


Simple & Safe to Operate

In operation, the forklifts hydraulic power is used to raise and lower the Auto-Mates rear axle while the front is raised or lowered via the trucks pallet forks. The front articulated ball coupling allows the forklift operator to manoeuvre the trailer easily and quickly up to 180 degrees in any direction. Engaging and disengaging is a simple operation taking a mere 30 seconds to complete. The system is designed to be safely controlled by a single operative, in all but the most extreme of turns.

The Auto-Mate System

Typically, products are specified based upon the customers’ precise requirements. However, the following standard models are for the 0.5 to 1 metre lift capacity sector of the market, together with the popular Low Profile version of the 15t unit:

Model Total Capacity Load-bed Length Load-bed Height Appropriate Forklift
Auto-Mate 10 10 tonnes 4350-5800mm 460-1060mm 3.5t Standard
Auto-Mate 15 15 tonnes 4350-5800mm 460-1060mm 3.5t
Auto-Mate 15 LP 15 tonnes 4350-5800mm 264-600mm 3.5t
Auto-Mate 20 20 tonnes 4350-5800mm 460-1060mm 5.0t

Designed by manufacturers, for manufacturers

The Auto-Mate system is manufactured from high-grade steel has a rigid chassis, a heavy-duty axle with a hydraulic ram and solid tyres. Typically, dependent upon the particular load to be transported, a 1.4m long extending swan neck drawbar is fitted.

Because of the few moving parts involved, maintenance, vehicle safety and training requirements are negligible. Cheap and simple to operate, Auto-Mate also provides a flexible on-site mobile storage solution for bulky, awkward and heavy components, or for palletised bulk parts.


Proven Productivity

One of our major component suppliers was so impressed with the system that they specified it for a major heavy-equipment plant in the UK.

Proven in many industrial applications, the Auto-Mate system provides a flexible awkward materialshandling system.