M8 Series

Available as an 8×8 or 8×6, the M8 Series is a high-speed multi-role engineering vehicle, capable of carrying high volume loads across some of the world’s longest and most difficult terrain.

With its 17 metre turning circle there is virtually no trailer cut-in and it has a natural narrow-aisle steering capacity and, it is impossible to jack-knife.

With 70% gradability, on steep, twisting mountain roads, the combination of driven and steered rear trailer axles, ensures that traction is maintained and continuous bends are negotiated without cut-in.

In addition, the positive forward push from the trailer through the forward pivot point provides a downward pressure on the front steer axle to maintain front wheel ground contact and steering control.

Our unique Drive-Line Technology system provides all-wheel drive and rear-wheel steer and maximises:

  • Manoeuvrability
  • Payload
  • Traction
  • Low operating cost per tonne for both on and off highway operations